Vivaferrum is a new Uberhero introduced in Patapon 5. His name comes from the Latin words fo
r "Dark Knife", Vivamus ferrum. Vivaferrum is based on a ninja. Vivaferrum is unlocked by getting Myamsar and Destrobo to level 10. He naturally starts at level 10.


  • At level 10 he gets Blades and Knives.
  • At level 15 he unlocks Shurikens.
  • At level 16 he can equip Capes.
  • At level 20 he gets Daggers.

Uberhero ModeEdit


Activate: Pon Pata

Combo: Pon Pata

Vanishes, and in an instant, he flashes in front of the enemy for a strong melee attack before jumping back. You can make this a combo with the PON PATA Song, so your allies will stay out of danger.

Ultimate Hero ModeEdit

Ultimate Ninja

Activate: Combo of Uberhero Mode 3 times.

Combo: None (return to Uberhero Mode)

Vivaferrum runs back with the PONPATA song, then rushes into enemies, pierces through enemies, dealing major critical damage.

Class SkillsEdit

  • Stealthpon: Vivaferrum will vanish while attacking and defending, confusing enemies. Level by attacking and defending a lot. Unlocked at level 10.
  • Blade Bash: Blades will cut through shields easily. Level with heavy use of blade.
  • Rapid Shuriken: Shurikens will be thrown at twice the speed. Level with heavy use of Shurikens.
  • Stealth: 10% chance for being invisible while attacking or defending. Level with the defense song.
  • Sandstorm Master: +50% evasion and attack when in sandstorms! Level by going in a lot of Sandstorms.

Set SkillsEdit

  • Blade Attack: 40% more attack power with Blades.
  • Dark Doom: All attacks will have the 'darkness' attribute. Useful against all enemies but demons.
  • Shuriken Attack: 50% boost to power with Shurikens.
  • Sand Summoner: Sandstorms form during Fever.
  • Peerless Ninja: Attack speed: x0.3 and Critical rate: x2. Status effect resistances are boosted a bit.