The Trangavons are a tribe in the Patapon series. They are a hexagonal tribe that is an ally tribe of the Patapons that often comes to their aid. They are:

  • Yarivons
  • Tatevons
  • Yumivons
  • Kibavons
  • Dekavons
  • Megavons
  • Torivons
  • Robovons
  • Mahavons
  • Boomvons

Leaders Edit

  • Vonvanngan: The spear wielding army general of the Trangavons.
  • King Vonabowus: The king of the Trangavons. Appears with Queen Vonaira to help the Patapons.
  • Queen Vonaira: The queen of the Trangavons. Appears with King Vonabowus to help Patapons.

Evil Trangavons Edit

  • Gauzovonnaut: A Dekavon. He rides a Kachindonga. When it is killed, Gauzovonnout jumps down and attacks the patapons with a heaven club and divine shoulders. You can get a random one of these after defeating him. If you have both already, he gives you a fire axe.
  • Gouzovonttick: A Torivon. He rides a heaven bird and wields a heaven javelin which you recieve after getting after defeating him. If you have it already, you get the bird, and if you already have that, you get a fire javelin.
Screen 20121023 173318

A Yarivon.