A Toripon Uberhero.


Get Wooyari, Charibassa and Yarida to level 14.

Uberhero Mode

Bird's Assault


Combo: PON PON

Torponto flies and strikes down like a shwopping eagle, piercing anything in its way.

Ultimate Hero Mode: The Dragon Bird

Activated with combo of Uberhero mode 10 times. The eagle/bird opens his mouth, then blows fire to the floor. This deals major damage. Can ignite foes.


PONPON: Whacks opponent with a weapon

CHAKACHAKA: Defends, Any opponent going closer will be attacked by eagle/bird


Birds and Spears from unlocking

Eagles, Pikes, Shields on level 10.

Class Skills

Two Eagles - Strikes Two eagles in one dive.

Three Eagles - Strike three eagles in one dive.

Four Eagles - Strike four eagles in one dive.

Five Eagles - Strike five eagles in one dive.

Set Skills

Eagle Support - Boosts Weapon level by 4

Sonic Speed - Faster Diving Speed. Only works for Torponto.

Raging Bird - Attack power is 5x more powerful when Torponto is poisoned.

Troublemaker - When Burned, Torponto Runs, Hitting enemies in range of run.

Peerless Eagle - Triples Stamina, Speed and Defence when equipped an eagle. However, Strength is lowered.