It all started about 100 years when the Mighty One made the world, before the Karmens pushed us out of our land, there was a great monster. This monster was far greater than anyone imagined, it was called Emrakul. Emrakul wreaked havoc across the world, especially the Patapon's village. Many warriors tried to stop it, but in the end, only 100 out of 2,000,000 survived, including Hatapon. The Karmens found the tribe and took over the land easily.

Many, many years after the events in Patapon 3......

"Hey, exactly how did we get exiled by Karmens about 100 years ago?" Ton asked.

"Hmmmm....... you know," Chin replied. "I don't really remember."

"But you weren't even there!" Kan explained.

Suddenly, an injured scout limped torward base.

"......He.....Em...ra....Emra......returned........." the scout said before dying in front of Ton.

"-gasp-!" Ton gasped.

"We must take this to Kamipon!" Chin exclaimed.

The three warriors entered the Hero's base carrying the body of the scout.

"Wha....what is this....?" Kamipon asked with fear in his eyes.

"We have no idea o' Majestic one!" Kan said.

Kamipon stared at Kan with no expression. Suddenly, the body started to rumble and shake.

"......mmmmmm....." the body said.

The Patapons all gasped in unison. The body started sprouting tentacles.

"....mmmm! I must return to my master!" the body said before turning into a complete monster.

"Don't let it get away!" Kan said.

Kamipon started chasing after the monster with his spear held high. He then stabbed the monster with all his might, the monster then dissolved into the ground.

"......I.....failed.....master......." it said as it dissolved.


"What was that?!" Kamipon wondered.

Suddenly, a large monster, about as large as a Giganetsu appared on the horizon.....

The monster in the horizon was slowly walking torward the base.

"I've never seen such greatness, what is that anyway?!" Ton screamed.

"Oh look, it looks like the Patapons aren't the only ones in this fight huh?" a familiar voice said.

".....Fina?!" Kamipon exclaimed.

"Hey! You forgot me!!! Why do you always forget me???!!!!!" yelled her partner, Fangiru.

"What are you doing here?!" Kamipon asked.

"Hmmm..... gonna destroy that monster I guess, that thing has done more to us than it has to you." Fina said.

"Majestic one......" another familiar voice said.

"Heh, you almost remind me of Gattsukki!" Fina said.

"Gong??!!" Kan asked in suprise.

"Black Hoshipon did not do this....." Gong said in reply.

In the distance, Queen Kharma was sending wave after wave of elite Zigotons, and summoning meteors to burn the creature. Kan ran to the battlefield as a Pingrek and started summoning meteors of his own. Waves of elite Karmens were being sent at the creature too, even Ormen Karmen was in this fight, sending in fireballs, ice, hammers, and all he could muster to destroy the monster, he even summoned some demons in this fight, but these demons were easily slain. Fina, Fangiru, and the other Dark Heroes were in the fight as well, they kept setting off their Dark Hero mode.

"......Let's end this!" Kamipon yelled.

Kamipon started charging to the battlefield to face the monster as a Charibassa. Don was a Piekron, and Chin was a Tondenga. The three was sending their strongest attacks at the monster they called Ulapon for it reminded them of the fallen scout. The battle lasted for at least 24 hours, the beast was finally slain, its last words were ""

"Ok, so Ulapon was a titan serving this.... ultra-mega-awesome-titan-monster thingy... right? asked Ton.

"......Yeah, that pretty much sums it up." said Fangiru.

"And this ultra-mega-awesome-"

"We get it!" Hatapon whined.

"What did you mean by 'this has happened before'?" Zeuspon asked.

"I mean, 'this has happened before', sweetie!" Fina replied.

"Fina, could you stop flirting and get to the rest of the story?" Chin asked in a annoyed tone.

"Fine, fine. So...."

It all began when the Patapon Champions and the Ah-hool tribe were fighting, the tribe was preparing for battle when this great floating beast appeared from this black ball. The creature destroyed everything in its path. The soldiers couldn't fight this monster, they all died easily, along with Prince Sonarch and King Ighl. Even the Seven Archfiends feared this beast. The Patapons were very confused, until Tan the Tatepon spotted the creature over the horizon, so he and the rest of the Champions alerted Sukopon to keep an eye out on the stars for a sign of true doom, which he found three days later. The gargantuan beast was floating straight towards the Hideout. The Champions raced toward the monster along with Karmens and Zigotons. The battle raged on for three days, the beast, however, was not dead, it merely dissolved with its final words; "Mortal pests, me and my bretheren shall return, and we shall devour your descendants and friends, and one day.... we will destroy It....."

"But where is the beast?" Kan asked.

"I don't really know, but I did hear Sonarchy talking in his sleep, not about Covet-hiss, about something called Kozielpon and The Crusade of the Eldrazon...." Fina sighed in unknowing.

"Wait, Kozielpon, I've heard of this beast, this beast contained the Scythe of the Eldrazon! I've been wanting it for years, but my tribe always fell in despair....." Gong said. "According to legend, Kozielpon knew.... well.... everything! Do you think it'd have the answer?"