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  • The 1th Evil Spirit

Act I "Hoshipon unite!"Edit

A long time ago,the Patapons walked on the night far far away then General Spearule(Friendship Spear)said "Look! at the star,it's falling!" then a giant star crashed the hole place causing 4 Yaripons die.Meanwhile in Pata-Polis the Patapon Queen said "What do you mean yellow star..hmm... let me check the place" the Queen has 10 powerful Dekapons alongside with her then a flash started to...well...flash....and said "IT..The Power of IT is" the hole world started to flash and made magic and power to the Patapons.Mahopons where first created and there magical powers made the Patapons even more stronger.10 years later,the Patapons discovered different kinds of stars,White star,Blue star,Silver star they now call them Hoshipons but then.....

Act II "Akumapon Rises.."Edit

After hero broke the world egg,all the Hoshipons became disappear but three disappear in a different way,Yellow Hoshipon and White Hoshipon both got eaten by an Picheek and Silver Hoshipon got trapped in a chest....later The White Hoshipon was founded by the evil Akumapon Lord "The 1th Evil Spirit" then later said "A White Hoshipon,excellent...Muhahaha" The 1th Spirit carried white Hoshipon,The AkumaYari said "A hoshipon? What the !@#$" The 1th Spirit said that he/she has been loving Hoshipon's sense they where founded but he got angry the Hoshipons don't like him,then he/she notice that the White Hoshipon weren't fit for him,Later war began the White Hoshipon died.The 1th Spirit has been sealed by the Patapon Ancients......


After that,the Akumapons went off to there home place then after 2 more years they came more advance and powerful later Mahak the Akumapon Mahopon master said "Dark Lord..Dark Almighty...The Gate will be Opened" then a Gate of all demons and Gorl(similar to barbaban)opened.Tori said "look out a gate has arrive and Demons lots of demons!" later some Akumapons experts founded a book from the gate and it says "When a dead person sealed into the gate...the gate can seal him only...and he is not dead..."they believe it can revive all dead.Then they test it by putting a dead Mahopon then there is a problem it became more eviller and empowered turning him into an Akumapon.Then Mahak was surprised and said "LOL...What a surprise it's on our side" then a monster appeared from the gate and said "Arise my children...As you have been created by me....I let you serve me...Hoshi.."then they throw white Hoshipon to the gate they feel that they where squashed by a Dogaeen then they feel some words then everything was so dark and a star came by....A black star saying "YOU ARE COMMANDED BY ME" shouted her

she throws dark balls to the Patapon base then Tori said "OMG..go fly my bird!"then fly's away....But accidentally hit by mochichichi.She now said "Let's Go Home and Rest and advance our self!!! we will be back and more stronger"then they flew away...