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  • Myamsar to level 15


  • Blades
  • Cutters
  • Saws


Shield Class

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Syshunjo is an Uberhero that specializes in criticals but has low defense, physical and magical. But as long as he can deal tremendous damage he can destroy an entire squadron in seconds, preventing their attack.


The feared master of criticals! Sadly, his defense is so low he can die in a minute.

Syshunjo is unlocked when you level up Myamsar to level 15.


Syshunjo normally specializes in weapons with high criticals.

  • Blades at unlocking.
  • Cutters at level 16.
  • Saws at level 20.

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON - A somewhat combined attack style of Myamsar and Oceanara.
  • CHAKA CHAKA - Crosses his weapon in front of him in an inversed position.
  • PON CHAKA~PON PON - Attacks with critical rate increased by 50%.
  • PON CHAKA~CHAKA CHAKA - Spins to deflect attacks.

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero ModeEdit

Weak PointEdit

Activate and combo with PonPon.

Syshunjo locks on an enemy then targeting selected part of an enemy (e.g Cyclops - head, Arch Pandara - eye) dealing high critical damage. Syshunjo switches to another enemy when staggered or the attacked enemy is dead.

Class SkillsEdit

  • Attack Master: Transfers defense to strength. Transferred defense is multiplied by 3. Upgrade by continuously attacking. Unlocked at level 16.
  • Tactics: 25% chance of dealing bonus damage to the enemy's weak point. Upgrade by dealing critical hits.
  • Hard Slash: 10% chance of multiplying critical damage by 1.5, and 4% chance of multiplying it by 2. Upgrade by dealing the killing blow to enemies.
  • Counterattack: 10% chance when attacked that Syshunjo quickly strikes back a critical attack. Upgrade by counterattacking. Fully upgrading this skill gives you a welcome bonus which is 25% critical rate.

Set SkillsEdit

  • Critical +: Increases critical rate by 25%. Unlocked at level 16.
  • Attack Speed +: x0.9 attack speed. Unlocked at level 20.
  • Shunjuyo: Increases critical damage by 35%. Unlocked at level 25.
  • Peerless Razor: Increases critical rate by 200%, and critical damage by 1000. Unlocked at level 32.


  • Syshunjo, when fully upgraded, is level 40 and has Ultimate Equipment, can deal 500,000 or higher critical damage at a moderate chance.
  • Syshunjo is a candidate for being the most damaging Uberhero next to Tondenga and Grenburr for it's strong critical damage.
  • Syshunjo's Class Skill, Attack Master, is almost similar to Slogturtle's Class Skill, Duck N' Cover, except that Attack Master transfers defense to strength while Duck N' Cover transfers minimum attack power to defense. It also seems that Attack Master is the opposite of Duck N' Cover.