The MissionEdit

Stop the Dynasty (Again!) is the final mission in Patapon 3: ULTIMATE Edition (when you choose Bonus 2). It shows the Uberhero and the Patapons, once again, destroying the ancient Ah-ooh dynasty.


"The Ah-ooh warriors and the Dark Heroes have prepared for the final defense in their own castle. Stop their vengeance by destroying them, again!"

Recommended Level: Lv31-32 Reward: Jeweled Chest Lv32

The LevelEdit


The mission starts with Buzzcrave and Slogturtle talking. And then you start. Endless hordes of Bonedeth will come to you, so be sure to quickly march at all costs. In the middle part of the floor, you will now encounter Slogturtle and Buzzcrave. But when they start doing their Dark Hero Modes, you can see they are more powerful:

Buzzcrave: Flaming Fireflies (25 flame flies and 1 giant firefly).

Slogturtle: Anti-force (Repels everything).

They will repel you at all costs, be sure to knock them back! Several doors will block your way around. Quickly get to the finish line before anymore Bonedeth appear!


This floor follows the same process as F1. However, you immediately encounter Buzzcrave and Slogturtle, Dekadeths and Torideths will join the fray, and lastly, they are much stronger. At the middle part of the floor, Sonarchy welcomes you, with a new twist of his Dark Hero Mode:

Super Sonic Doom (20 sonic balls).

He quickly blasts you with his new Dark Hero Mode and then leaves when you are near him. Dekadeths and Buzzcrave will hinder you from reaching the finish line, kill the Bonedeth and stagger Buzzcrave!


The mission starts with all Bonedeth classes to repel you from entering the throne room. Once you enter it, Covet-hiss is seen wearing a crown, and he and Sonarchy has a cape. The 3 Bonedeth Lesser Generals will also appear. Once you fight them, Covet-hiss also has an upgraded Dark Hero Mode:

Covet-Hiss: Triple Ba-ba-Bam (3 shells/flacks/lasers).

They are arguably the hardest bosses.

Kill them all, break the throne, and claim your prize! A Lv32 Jeweled Chest! And at rare chances, even a Lv32 Purple Jeweled Chest!

Restless EmpireEdit

This is the free mission of this final mission. Buzzcrave has more stagger rate and knockback resist, Slogturtle has more knockback resist, and the Bonedeths are stronger. When you complete this mission, the prize will always be a Lv32 Purple Jeweled Chest.