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  • Taterazay to lvl 3

Cannassault to lvl 7


  • Swords

Speed Shoes



Based on:

Sonic The Hedgehog (i love patapon and sonic so i made this patapon) :)


A strange portal opened in the Sonic universe. Sonic went through this portal and interestingly, it led to the Patapon universe. Some Patapons challenged him to fight and Sonic lost. After that, good Patapons gave him energy to transform into Sonipon. When Sonipon fought with this Patapon, Sonipon won.


  • Rocket Shoes and Speed Shoes
  • Helmets
  • Swords
  • Greatswords (unlock at lvl 10)

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON - On lvl 1+ He spins and charges into the enemies. On lvl 5+ He will stop enemies with his very fast attacks.
  • CHAKA CHAKA - He will protect other Patapons with his Emerald Shield.
  • PON CHAKA~PON PON - Sonipon will jump and using a homing attack.
  • PON CHAKA~CHAKA CHAKA - Sonipon uses Spike Shield. When enemies go near him, they will be damaged by spikes.

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero ModeEdit

He will turn into Superpon. Superpon will make a Hyperbomb and shoots this bomb into the enemy.

Ultimate Hero ModeEdit

He will make another Hyperbomb. However, this bomb will immediately kill all enemies within its blast radius.

Class SkillsEdit

Speed Slice: His attack speed will increase gradually.

Emerald Sword: When Sonipon equips Emerald Sword it will glow and when attacking, it has little stars that stuns the enemy. (Unlocks at lvl 5).