A ninja among ninjas, this Uberhero can move like the wind and attack like a sword!
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Shurikanja is an Uberhero that uses shurikens, daggers, and shivs to attack. He sports a mecha-like mask, two weapons, and a shoulderguard.


This Uberhero can be unlocked with a Lv 15 Taterazay and a Lv 12 Myamsar.


  • Lv 12: Daggers from unlocking Uberhero.
  • Lv 17: Shurikens
  • Lv 21: Shivs

Uberhero ModeEdit

Giant Slice: Shurikanja's weapon suddenly becomes huge and uses it to slice the enemies. Deals high damage!


PON PON PATA PON (not Uberhero mode) - Shurikanja throws his weapons at the enemy in a boomerang-like fashion.

PON PON PATA PON (Uberhero mode) - Shurikanja activates Giant Slice.

PON PON CHAKA CHAKA - PON PON PATA PON: Shurikanja goes near the enemy and attacks very fast.

Set SkillsEdit

Eagle EyeEdit

Uberheroe's vision increases, resulting in +20% Critical Rate and +10% Shield Breaker effect. Unlocked at Lv 13.


Shurikanja's weapon effectivity against shields increases by +20%. Unlocked at Lv 15.

Butterfly MovementEdit

Shurikanja's movement speed increases by 2.00. Unlocked at Lv 19.

Assasin's ShivEdit

Only works in Shivs. Shurikanja's attack bonuses increases by 150% and damage increases by 20%. Unlocked at Lv 21.

Peerless NinjaEdit

Uberhero only. Attack and speed increases by 150% but damage taken increases by 200%.

Class SkillsEdit

Balanced MindEdit

Stamina increases by 3% every time Shurikanja levels up. Increase level by taking lots of damage.

Fast PaceEdit

Shurikanja's speed increases by 10%. Increase level by using PATA PATA PATA PON.


When Shurikanja dies, all friendly units will have a 50% increase in stamina and damage. Increase level by dying.

Weak SpotEdit

Increases the chance of making a 1-hit KO attack by 7%. Increase level by killing lots of enemies.