The Shadow Warriors are warriors that are born from the Darkness of the Universe. They are made of Pure Darkness and are slaves to witches and magicians who command them using Dark Magic.

Appearance Edit

The Shadow Warriors follow the appearance of Uberheros, it could be because they were born as a Hero but allowed Darkness to slowly consume them and turned them into a mindless slave. The Shadow Warriors possess some of the Uberhero's powers but greatly enhanced because of their size when compared to an Uberhero.


There a Variety of Shadow Warriors which are listed below:

Shroud ShieldEdit

Shroud Shield

Shroud Shield is extremely hard to defeat and it can deflect most attacks or reduce the damage it takes. It is also capable of spawning a huge shield so that ranged weapons cannot attack past this unit .It also carries a large sword which is capable of cutting down foes quickly. It will protect against any attack and is most commonly used to defend structures or other units from being attacked. Most of the time it defends. When it does most attacks will be deflected or evaded with shield evasion. But when it attacks this is when it is most vulnerable, and is your chance to deal as much damage as you can. Shroud Shield could be associated with Taterazay and Guardira.

Bomb BowEdit

Bomb Bow

Bomb Bow is usually used at the back of an army, and is more of an attacker then a defender. It is capable of firing arrows which explode on contact. Bomb Bow tends to fire rapid fire arrows which can literally make the sky rain with exploding arrows. This can be devastating for armies, as they will be bombarded with constant explosions which forces them to retreat or be defeated. However Bomb Bow can easily be defeated as it has low health, that is if an army can reach this Shadow Warrior. Also its attacks can easily be evaded with shield evasion or deflected using the ChakaChaka song. Bomb Bow could be associated with Yumiyacha, Alosson and Cannogabang.

Split SpearEdit

Spilt Spear

Split Spear is usually on the front lines in an army, and does a lot of damage, mainly through critcal hits. It is capable of throwing one spear which splits into two spears, then four, then eight and so on. It depends on how far away their foe is. The further away their foe is the more spears will hit their foe. Its attacks are hard to defend against or evade as it will inflict damage directly to their enemies. However Split Spear, when attacking cannot move, but when he is not attacking he will attempt to retreat or avoid attacks (whichever is commanded to do). Like Bomb Bow, Split Spear has low health and so can be easily defeated. Split Spear could be associated with Yarida.