Red Nova DragonEdit

Red Nova Dragon is a rare DLC boss in Patapon 3: ULTIMATE Edition and Patapon 5. Red Nova Dragon is a Fire and a partial Ice Dragon with a Dettankarmen-like appearance. Red Nova seems to be glowing with a red edge and a white base.

Red Nova Dragon

Red Nova Dragon

Boss Type



Very High





Status Effect(s)





  • Red Nova Breath
  • Meteor Stampede
  • Laser Breath

Other Boss(es) in Relation

  • Fire Dragon
  • Dettankarmen


Red Nova Dragon is encountered at the DLC Mission called "Red Sky Demon, Nova". The background is depicted as a dark red sky showing stars with signs of being reddish, along with dark reddish hills. It's possible that Red Nova Dragon is the cause of this ominous background.


Red Nova BreathEdit

Red Nova Dragon charges this attack like a normal Dragon. His attack is a breath of red aurora breath that ignites and freezes foes, and sometimes staggers them. This attack deals moderate to high damage. Can be avoided by DonDon. Reduce damage by ChakaChaka. DonChaka is not a good idea, as you take the high damage it can do.

Meteor StampedeEdit

This attack charges when Red Nova Dragon partially goes fading reddish, the camera then goes far away where the dragon is seen. Red Nova then charges into you with a red aurora surronding him like Kibadda's Uberhero Mode. Can deal one-hit kills or high damage and ignite. When Red Nova doesn't hit any enemy, he gets tumbled, giving you a good time to attack for a short time. Best avoided with DonDon. PonPata can also work, but the frontlines can be damaged unless they have good speed.

Laser BreathEdit

This attack is like Garuru's Laser Breath, only with a red edge, higher damage and causes every status effect upon impact. DonDon is the only song that can avoid this, since it has long attack range and ChakaChaka will only reduce little damage.


When Red Nova Dragon's health is at 25%, he will go berserk, meaning his attacks will become unpredictable, except Meteor Stampede, because he needs to go away, giving you a very short time to use the songs required to evade this.