Rankiri is a Patapon class introduced in Patapon 5. They are unlocked by getting a character's Yumiyacha and Taterazay both to level 12. They are able to wield boomerangs and equip helmets.
Zigaton Rankiri

A Zigoton Rankiri

Uberhero ModeEdit

Rankiri's Uberhero Mode is called Blazing Boomerang. Rankiri throws his boomerang straight forward, plowing through enemies and setting them aflame. The boomerang then heads back toward Rankiri which it obviously does, inflicting stagger and criticals.

RangPon Uberhero

Ultimate Hero Mode: DoomerangEdit

Activate: Combo of Hero Mode 3 times.

Combo: None(return to hero mode)

Rankiri spins, creates a tornado, then continiously sends burning boomerangs to enemies. High ignite and burn rate. When finished the PONPATA song, Rankiri sends the tornado to enemies, dealing minor damage but inflicting all status effects.

Class SkillsEdit


The boomerang shot will not return when it makes contact, rather when it hits the end of the screen! Unlock with heavy use of the boomerang.


In Fever, throw 2 boomerangs at once! Unlock by being in Fever a lot.

Status Shot

A boomerang fired in Fever has a 10% chance of causing any status effect! Unlock with charge/Fever attacks.


Added 50% stagger rate! Unlock by staggering foes.

Set SkillsEdit

Boomerang Boost 1

30% Attack Boost when equipped a boomerang.

Boomerang Boost 2

45% Attack boost when equipped a boomerang.

Boomerang Boost 3

60% Attack Boost when equipped a boomerang.

Critical Cuts

When Attack Element is Slash, 50% Critical Boost.

Peerless Boomerang

When a Critical Damage hits a non-boss enemy, foe's stamina is halved a lot.