Pump it Up is a short film Starring the Patapons shown before Disney's "Ode to the Playstation!"


(One day, Meden comes across this red, pinapple looking thingy.)

Meden: What is this? It looks like food. Well, I am hungry. (Noms away at the strange food. Her stomach starts to grumble.) Uh oh.

(Fade to other patapons having a feast.)

Patapon #1: Where is Meden?

Patapon #2: Yeah, it's not worthy of her to skip the celebration of the Almighty Patapon!

Meden: (offscreen) Hey guys. (We then turn to see Meden is super bloated!!! Short pause.) Why are you looking at me? Is it because I'm, well, big?

Patapon #1: Uh, yeah. Look at you! You look like you ate all the Zigotons!!!

Patapon #2: What did you eat?

Meden: This little red pinapple.

Patapon #3: You fool! That was the Bloato Berry!!! We were giving it as a sacrafice to the Almighty Patapon.

Meden: Sorry. (Bloats some more.)

Patapon #2: Get help, quick, before she pops!!!

Padumbpon: Guyz I gotz a potty.

Patapon #3: Padumbpon, as helpful as that is, you don't realize that Meden is to big to fit in there!

Meden: (starts to cry) Its hopeless guys! I'm finished! Whaaaaa!!!!

(cut to the Bon Bon Tree, whatever that THING is called.)

Tree: ZZZZZZZZ (shakes) Huh, HUH?!?! Oh, hello, Meden. Why, you look quite big. Haven't you been excersizing latley?

Meden: Well, it's just-

Patapon #3: Meden ate a Bloato Berry, and she's so close to poping! Can you help?

Tree: Um, well... I don't think so...

Crazypon: Help us, or you will be turned into paper! (pulls out chainsaw)

Tree: Okay, okay...

Lila: i can help!

Patapons 1,2 and 3: How? 

Lila: Well, as you can see, if you throw a sharp object at a Bloato Berry victim, it causes up to a 20 foot explosion.

(Lila throws nail at Meden)


Lila: see? Meden is fine!

(bloato berry copies itself)

Fati: This would be a great trick for the karmen and the other zigotons!

Lila: a Zigoton?

Fati: im a nice Zigoton.

Lila: ok.