Patapon X is the tenth installment in the Patapon series. It is set before the first game but after the events of the ninth game. It focuses on the rise of the Patapon tribe and the start of their journey to earthend.


Patapon X begins after the chaotic events of the ninth game, after light and darkness fuse together causing a massive explosion. The universe is destroyed. But it is recreated and time rewinds back to the beginning of the universe, when planets and stars begin to form and take shape. And life begins...

Eventually the Patapons are born!

But they are not without foes, the Ah-Ooh Kingdom rules over most of the land, and dominates foes in battle. The mighty Leadfoot leads his army in the north, while in the south Buzzcrave conquers all foes and anyone who dares challenge him is met with a quick death. With King Ighl at the throne, his son Prince Sonarch and his most loyal subject Profion by his side, nothing can possible stop the Ah-Oh Tribe from conquering the world. 

But the Zigotons who have been defeated by the Ah-Ooh many times and retreat to the dangerous mountain range far west. They are forced to learn the Dark Arts as their only chance of hope in defeating the Ah-Ooh tribe. They make horrifying sacrifices in an attempt to grow stronger in Darkness and in power. But they soon discover another world below the one they stand... And attempt to go there and seek help for their efforts against the Ah-Ooh Tribe..

Another tribe has been forced off land by the conquering Ah-Ooh Tribe and drifted out to sea. A tribe which cover their faces in mysterious masks. They have disappeared without a trace... And yet the Ah-Ooh sends ships and boats out to find the tribe and exterminate them before they grow strong.

And the Patapon Tribe...who are outnumbered, underpowered and alone in this losing war...they need help. They need YOU. But this is the first time they have ever summoned Almighty and will doubt your every move that you make, they will betray you or they will stay loyal to you for the many years to come depending on what you do.

Only time will tell, as oblivious to either of the Tribes a power is growing in the far East that will destroy the world if it is not stopped...