Patapon 8: Apocalypse is the 8th game of the Patapon series.
Patapon 8 Boxart

The boxart shows a huge crack on earth and the alignment of the planets.

Patapon 8



One night, while Sukopon spotted the alignment of the planets he saw that it leads to the end of the world! It's a good thing Sukopon that spotted a nearby planet! To go there, the Patapons just need some parts of an abandoned space shuttle they found to travel to that planet. But since the Akumapon and the Bonedeth heard of this, and also because of their greediness, they want to steal those parts too to escape.......

New FeaturesEdit

  • During the gameplay, obstacles (mostly natural disasters) will appear (e.g. Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, Storms, Meteor Storms, Portals, etc...)
  • Huntable animals can join your army.
  • the Pause song is replaced by just pressing the START button.
  • Patapon's voices are more rarely heard in the game (except for missions; more seriousness)
  • More...

Other VersionsEdit

There are other versions of this games which are:

  • EU: Patapon 8: The Last Year.
  • JP: Daihachi Patapon: Mokushiroku.(日本後:大はちぱたポン:黙示録。)