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What the final game should look like with the Class system

Patapon: Modern WarfareEdit

Patapon ModernWarfare

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Patapon: Modern Warfare is a mod for Counter Strike 1.6 that takes place in modern times. It is the first Patapon game that does not feature the rhythm system and rather is set in a first-person perspective. In this game, Patapons are equipped with guns, grenades and other weapons of modern warfare.


Basic Classes of PMWEdit


Sogekipon with an L118A


This Patapon shoots enemies from a long distance. It's high damage costs stamina, defense and attack speed. The word Sogeki translates to shooting or sniping.


Bokopon with a CM901


This Patapon is equipped with assault rifles and machine guns, providing the squad support fire. This class does decent damage and probably the most preferred/used class. The word Boko translates to Assault.


Modernized Tatepon with a Riotshield and an MP5K


This class is pretty much like the Tatepon from previous Patapon games but modernized, he is equipped with either an SMG or a Pistol and a Riot Shield. He offers great protection for the team but his shield breaks when it has taken too much damage.

Well someone's happy! Katsupon with his instruments of war.


This Patapon is the demolitions expert of the squad. He uses C4 charges, Grenade Launchers and RPGs. He doesn't have any guns so he is pretty vulnerable to Bokopons and Tatepons. His attacks are mostly effective against buildings and bosses. The word Katsu translates to explode.

Advanced ClassesEdit

Patapon Modern Warfare features an upgradable class system. These troops are more deadly compared to their basic counterparts. They would usually acquire new standard issue weapons.


Bokopon Juggernaut with an MG36

Bokopon JuggernautEdit

The upgraded version of the Bokopon class, these patapons wield machine guns instead of assault rifles and have heavy armor. These troops provide heavy firepower in the battlefield, they walk slow because they are hindered by their heavy armor.

Forum Edit

SniperNeroro and LightofDeath made the mod, because it is not intended to be a stand alone game, as said by SniperNeroro. Check out the forum of this page.


Patapon 4 Modern Warfare

Patapon 4 Modern Warfare

An Ad for Patapon: Modern Warfare. Also the video that gave me the idea of Patapon Modern Warfare ~SniperNeroro

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