The game's story is about returning a great warrior, RottenLee Ravenous back to his tribe.


One day, while Hatapon was at the cliff of the Savannah of Envious Eyes, he suddenly remembered Kamipon and Ravenous having a duel. He decides to return him back. He starts marking the Greedy Mask Jungle, and any place which Almighty encounters Gong with a Karmen's mask. Now he tells Kamipon to bring HIM (Ravenous) back. When this happened, a great misfortune falls on innocent Patapons and visitors.

New FeaturesEdit

  • Toripons are back in the game.
  • Minigames are back.
  • New Dark Heroes; the Heroes of Vengeance! They are commanded by one Archfiend, who is the returning character!
  • New quests. Difficulty increases in each mission!
  • Uberheroes are back, and the Trifecta are back!
  • Takako's friends are back, and they are spellbound! Defeat the one controlling them!

Locations and MissionsEdit

Patapon National DojoEdit

  • Training with Ravenous (Rare/Final)

Windy Hills of Kaze'Edit

  • Survive from the Zigotons! (Once)
  • Hunt the Mochichis in Kuki Forest (Free)
  • The Great Dodonga (Boss Battle)
  • Wealth Stealth and his Kibaton Windmill (Once)
  • Revenge of Stealth in Soyo Grasslands (Free)
  • The Reason Why It's Windy (Once)
  • Lord of the Wind, Kazeshizeno (Free)
  • The Enormous Gigantus (Boss Battle)
  • Colossus Gigante King (Rare/Boss Battle)

Ravenous' Giant WindmillEdit

  • First Battle With Ravenous (Once/Dungeon)
  • Stealth's Secret Abilities (Free/Dungeon)
  • Epic Blow (Multi)

Thunderous Summit of Rai'Edit

  • Electric Monsters at the Mountain (Once)
  • Babattoes from Mt. Steiteki (Free)
  • Superweapon Kanogias (Free/Boss Battle)
  • Hypnotic Sublime and the Sky Demon, Sandamatara (Once)
  • Sandamatara's Rematch on Dendo Valley (Free)
  • God of the Mist, Centura (Free/Boss Battle)
  • Darantula, The "Bloodthirsty" Arachnid (Rare/Boss Battle)
  • Storm Guardian (Once)
  • Lord of the Lightning, Raishizeno (Free)
  • Wooden King Gaeen (Free/Boss Battle)
  • Iron Giant Dogaeen (Rare/Boss Battle)

Ravenous' "Powerful" TowerEdit

  • Second Battle With Ravenous (Dungeon/Once)
  • Sublime, The Equestrian of Love (Dungeon/Free)
  • Thunder Chaos (Multi)

Frozen Ocean of Mizu'Edit

  • Giant Beasts of the Snowfields (Once)
  • Pekkoras on Nami Tundra (Free)
  • Mechanical Fortress Ganodias (Free/Boss Battle)
  • Curiostacean and his Defensive Ice Wall (Once)
  • Ice Wall Repaired On Toketsu Taiga (Free)
  • Dragon of Ice, Kacchindonga (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • Stop the Blizzard (Once)
  • Lord of the Water, Mizushizeno (Free)
  • Manboth of the Snowfields (Free/Boss Battle)
  • Mammoth Lord Manboroth (Rare/Boss Battle)

Ravenous' Great Blizzard CastleEdit

  • Third Battle With Ravenous (Dungeon/Once)
  • The Curious Pilot Curiostacean (Dungeon/Free)
  • Survive the Snowstorm (Multi)

Rocky Jungle of Tsuchi'Edit

  • Insatiable Razortooth and Buzzcrave of the Swamp (Once)
  • Greedy Ujis on Shokubutsu Swamp (Free)
  • Mochichichi's Reversal (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Insatiable Razortooth and Matango (Once)
  • Earthquake Phenomenon (Once)
  • Lord of the Earth, Tsuchishizeno (Free)
  • Shookle, the Carnivous (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Insatiable Shooshookle (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • The Zigoton's Apology (Once)
  • Bonedeth Attacks on Jishin Oasis (Free)
  • The Undefeatable Majidonga (Boss Battle/Rare)

Ravenous' Colossus StrongholdEdit

Blazing Volcano of Ho'Edit

  • Tardy Snailslime and Slogturtle of The Desert (Once)
  • Kogeta Desert's Rappatas (Free)
  • Desert King Zaknel (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Sandstorm Lord Dokaknel (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • Blaze Phoenix Fenicchi (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Pompous Featherbow and Zetsubo Gate (Once)
  • Sonarchy Rebuilds Zetsubo Gate on Johatsu Basin (Free)
  • Cursed Mask Dettankarmen (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Zuttankarmen, The Demon Darkmask (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • Blazing Heat of the Volcano (Once)
  • Lord of the Fire, Hoshizeno (Free)
  • Volcano Queen Ciokina (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Cioking, The Volcano King (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • Blazing Flame Spirit and the Lava Flames (Rare)

Ravenous' Defensive FortEdit

Night Sky of MeiEdit

  • Another Hoshipon Convention (Once)
  • Feline Ferocious and Ragewolf's Revenge (Free)
  • Great Huge Terantus (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • Resurrection of Ragewolf and The Evil Gate Babababaan (Once)
  • Vengeance of Babababaan Gate at Kage Ruins (Free)
  • The Absolute Arch Pandara (Boss Battle/Free)
  • The Great Eternal Other Vessel (Boss Battle/Rare)
  • Another Earthend, The Underworld (Once)
  • Lord of the Darkness, Meishizeno (Free)
  • Underworld Minion Goruru (Boss Battle/Free)
  • Legendary Demon Garuru (Boss Battle/Rare)

Ravenous' Ultimate DungeonEdit

  • Sixth Battle With Ravenous (Dungeon/Once)
  • Ragewolf's Great Anger (Dungeon/Free)
  • Traps of Darkness (Multi)

Battlefield of Endless WarsEdit

  • Last Duel With Ravenous (Once/Final)
  • The Ultimate Scythe Akakama (Free/Final/Boss Battle)
  • Greatest Demonic Scythe of All, Oakama (Rare/Final/Boss Battle)
  • Accursed Dodonga, The Ultimate Dragon
  • Demigod of Destruction, Gheek Dongora

DLC MissionsEdit

  • (Multi/Boss Battle/Free) The Flaming Raven of the Volcano


  • Like Patapon 3, there are 7 Dark Heroes, which is the same, only they have the Seven Archfiends.
    • In this game, there are 7 Heroes of Vengeance, but they have only one Archfiend.
  • In the DLC mission, Oakama can be a scythe, and a claw, similar with Akakama. In the Battlefield of Endless Wars, Ravenous wields them.
    • The DLC mission also appears in the Kamella Patapon series.