Patapon 7Edit

Patapon 7 is the 7th game in the Patapon series. It involves the Patapons in the Underworld after their defeat at

Corrupted Yumiyacha

their first battle against the Dark Lord, resurrecting Meden and escaping back to the living realm.


When the other Patapons were so close to reaching Earthend, Meden was killed by the Patapons' enemies! The only reason why they were able to kill Meden was because they made a pact with the Dark Lord. The enemy tribes would be granted infinte power, but in return they would have to be slaves working in the Underworld for all eternity. The remaining Patapons hoping to get Meden back challenge the Dark Lord to a duel (You are forced to lose this level), but they fail. After losing to the Dark Lord they too are sent to the Underworld. The Patapons then have to fight many powerful foes (now guided once again by Black Hoshipon), collect demonic weapons, make friends with old rivals, and defeat all of the Underworld's devils and demons, and finally the Dark Lord himself, in order to resurrect Meden and go back to the realm of the living, where they will face another challenge.


In this game you play as an Uberhero with three helpers and Hatapon just like in Patapon 3. The only difference is that there are new weapons, heroes, abilities, and much much more, including corrupted masks, ultimate abilities, and an equippable Hatapon. The Dark Lord encountered in the last level, is extremely powerful with tremendous strength and unique attacks!