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Patapon 5 is the 5th game in the Patapon series,

Patapon 5 edited

Gameplay (Edited Picture)

following the past game Patapon 4: Hatapon's Quest.


After the entire Patapon army was saved in Patapon 3, everything was in peace. The Patapons had thrived in Earthend. However, they were suddenly attacked by the remaining Dark Heroes. The Dark Heroes Buzzcrave, Ravenous, Sonarchy, Slogturtle, and Covet-hiss had managed to take control of the Bonedeth, Karmen, and Akumapon tribes! There was no hope. However, the Patapon god, after not being heard from since he was sacrificed to save the patapons, spoke to them "Take these masks, ally with the Zigotons, and defeat the dark forces..." Instantly, the Uberhero's masks appeared in front of all of them! So, the entire Patapon army of Uberheroes went on a journey to find the Zigotons and defeat the Dark Heroes... AGAIN!!


This time around, you will once again lead a Patapon army, but they're all Uberheroes. Later on, the Zigotons can be recruited, each with their own unique abilities.


Like Patapon 3, players can do co-op online. However, this time each player brings their whole army. The quests are tweaked because of this, each with about 4593 enemies per screen to make up for your mighty power.