Patapon 4: The Remaining Dark Heroes is the 4th game in the Patapon series, originally following the Past Game Patapon 3


After the Patapons reach the Earthend, the 3 remaining Dark Heroes, Standoffish Sonarchy, Gluttonous Buzzcrave and Slow-moving Slogturtle have established a new army and imprisoned the patapons and to destroy the Patapons and they're allies and only Hatapon, Meden, Ton, Chin ang Kan are the only Patapons remaining. Can they defeat the 3 Dark Heroes without the help of Uberhero, Zigotons and Karmens?


When every quests that you finished, a new unit will join you (because you saved them).  And you can now mount mini-bosses like gargolye, cyclops, etc.