Patapon 4: Rise of the Patapon would be a history for the patapons, the prequel to the first patapon in the series. The patapon's origin would be revealed and much of the legend will be clarified.


The combat would be most similar to the second title, having the three chosen units. However, perks from the other games would also be added, most importantly, your uberhero. Hoshipon will be customizable with different flags with different abilities. Also, each of the units would have added perks for a larger variety of missions. Personally in my experience of the games, I usually favored one type of class over another, I felt that some units were uneeded and they were mostly unused. Adding perks to each class would help diversify your choices for units, and new challenges and difficulties in missions would cause a combination of classes to successfully complete each mission, requiring more strategy. Patapons would have abilities that could be improved and would level up. After each battle most of the spoils from the battlefield will be obtained, depending on if your team can carry the extra weight, a perk for some groups such as Dekapons. The game would require sufficient skills with keeping the beat as in Patapon 2 and 3, where perfect beats triggered different abilities. Lastly the enemies would be your classic Dodonga and Zigotons but with better looks and more moves.


The gameplay would be similar to the other patapon games, but more activities to do outside of warfare. One, there would be a hall of the patapons which would grow as the patapons amassed more wealth. It would be customizable and similar to the Mui Mui house in LocoRoco for those of you that have played it. Smithing and ore refining would be available early on in the game. Shrines would also be present in that magical weapons could be made by blessings from the Almighty One or blessings upon your troops would cause upgrades or abilities in battle. Patapons could also go throught training courses and could be a place to train the Almighty One's skills in use of abilities and drum beats.