Patapon 4

Mini-Dodongas are common enemies.

Patapon 4: Hatapon's Quest is the 4th game in the Patapon series. It occurs at the same time as Patapon 4: Missing Flag.


Hatapon was out exploring one day. As he was searching, he fell into a sinkhole. This lead him into the realm of the evil Akumapons. Now, Hatapon must find a way out of this dilemma.


Without the help of the Almighty's drums, Hatapon doesn't rely on rhythm here. Instead, the player directly controls
Patapon 4 wind

Hatapon glides through the wind, avoiding hazards

him in a platforming-style game. Like any other Patapon games, there are environmental hazards like wind and thunder, as well as enemies. He can also use his flagpole as a lance to stab enemies, and as a parasol to fall slower and be protected from deadly lightning. Throughout the game, he acquires weapons. Though he cannot use them, they can be imported to Patapon 5.


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