Patapon 3 ps vita

Patapon 3 Vita

Patapon 3 Vita

A port of Patapon 3 for the PSVita.

This version of Patapon 3 will include:

  • Touch screen menus and drums. (Buttons can also be used)
  • Rear touch pad used for scrolling camera and quick menu movement.
  • Drag-and-drop equip system with real-time stat updates.
  • Constantly connected to the internet. Find out what your friends are doing on Patapon 3.
  • On the internet, there will be a Patapon 3 website with all the average stuff, minigames, wallpaper creator, etc. But a new addition is the Team pages. Your team has a page on the website with all the stats, members, VS stats, etc. You can disable this in the Team Totem if you are the leader.
  • Member ranks. Each member will have one (This can be disabled). Ranks:
    • Recruit
    • Member
    • Captain
    • VS Captain
    • Admin (Can change motto)
    • Leader
  • Patapon 3 PSP progress can be transfered.
  • This version of Patapon 3 will be Patapon 3: ULTIMATE Edition.