Maruda is a mighty warrior that has trained vigorously to fight his enemies more effectively. Experience has taught him to develop powerful hand mounted guns for ranged combat, and his excellent skill at close combat has made Maruda is one of the mightiest warriors of the Patapon tribe.


Level up Yarida and Myamsar to level 15.


  • Helmets
  • Shoulderpads
  • Swords
  • Blades
  • Hand Busters


PON PON: Attacks by firing his hand busters accurately from a distance.

PON CHAKA: Switches from hand buster in ranged combat to sword in melee combat and vice versa.

CHAKA CHAKA: Moves to the front with the shield classes and defends too. Only defends from frontal attacks.

Set SkillsEdit

He can equip 4 set skills, and up to 5 when he gets to level 40.

True Marksman - Raises hand buster damage by 1.5 times.

Ninja Style - Raises evasion, melee attack damage and melee attack speed by 50%.

Protector - Reduces Critical damage received by 50% and raises defense by 50%.

Brave Warrior - Gives increased defense against stagger and status effects but increases knockback received by 20% in Fever mode.

Rapid Shot - Increases ranged attack speed by 50% and critical rate for both weapons by 25%.

Go Away! - Increases chance of knockback in ranged attacks and stagger in melee attacks when in Fever.

Uberhero Mode: Cutting Wheel and Rampage ShotEdit

Cutting Wheel = When you use the normal attack in Fever, Maruda will jump over to the top of the enemy then will start spinning very fast in mid-air, slashing everyone below him with his sword and dealing continous damage, giving Strike and Pierce effect, and after 5 seconds will start spinning backwards and back to the ground.

Rampage Shot = When you use charge before the attack song, then Maruda will jump and stop in mid-air over the middle of the enemy lines, and start rapid-firing his hand buster, raining down bullets and damge all over the enemies nad gives larger chance of Shield Breaker. After 5 seconds of firing like mad, he sort of hovers back to the ground.


  • He is one of the few Uberheroes to be able to use two different weapons at once.
  • He is also the only Uberhero who doesn't have a "Peerless" Set Skill.
  • Even if he can have huge defense with a decent helm and excellent shoulderguard, and monstrous attack in both range and melee combat, Maruda is not the ultimate uberhero patapon.
  • He is most vulnerable to freeze, however a certain helm could prevent this.