• Myamsar to lvl 12
  • Jamsch to lvl 12


  • Daggers
  • Shivs
  • Blades
  • Claws
  • Stars
  • Bombs
  • Armguards


Bushi / 武士 (Warrior)




This ninja master wrecks havoc on the battlefield with his statuses and his variety of weapons. He darts around the battlefield, destroying enemy ranks whether it be with melee or from a distance. He is a new fox rarepon unit and a member of the bushipon class.


  • Daggers, Shivs
  • Armguards
  • Helms
  • Blades unlocked at lvl 13
  • Claws at lvl 15
  • Bombs and Stars at lvl 20

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON - Myamsar-like attack
  • PON CHAKA, PON PON - Throws 3rd weapon
  • CHAKA CHAKA - The Uberhero flips backwards into his prefered position behind the archers and will stay there until your next command
  • PON CHAKA, CHAKA CHAKA - Same procedure as ChakaChaka song but he will throw weapons as he flips

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero ModeEdit

Varies depending on 3rd weapon activated with charge attack chain with attack

  • Daggers: Crying Sky: Leaps into the air and begins to rain daggers down upon the enemies the uberhero does not land until the hero mode ends or you use the walk command.
  • Stars: Fuuma Shuriken: Flips backwards and hurls a giant shuriken that pierces through enemy lines it has great range (think Gong tornado)
  • Bombs: Flash Blast: flings a bomb into enemy lines which detonates for a huge explosion it has an increased chance of inflicting that bombs status (i.e. using sleepy bomb raises the sleep ratio)and the first bomb thrown always inflicts that status (so the sleepy bomb you throw before chaining will always inflict sleep to what’s caught in the explosion).

Ultimate Hero ModeEdit

(This is not yet made)

Class SkillsEdit

Original Class SkillsEdit

  • Ninja Skillz 1: Throw twice as many stars and daggers and bombs create a medium explosion.
  • Unlocked at lvl 12
  • Train with repeated charge attacks
  • Ninja Skillz 2: Throw even more stars and daggers and bombs make a large explosion.
  • Ninja Skillz 3: The countless stars and daggers will rain upon the enemy and huge explosions will cause PAIN.
  • Ninja Skillz 4: Stars (not daggers) pierce bombs explode upon death.
  • Ninja Skillz 5: Causes shadows of the uberhero when it attacks physically the higher it speed the more shadows(this makes it so that attack speed is always worth upgrading similarly to alosson)

Set SkillsEdit

Kkyurrash can equip 4 set skills. At lvl 20 he can equip another.

  • Ninja Attack: attack + 50% when equipped with dagger, shiv, or claw. Lvl 15
  • Star Attack: attack + 30% when equipped with stars lvl 20
  • Saboteur: + 50 burn, poison, and sleep ratio lvl 25
  • Peerless Fox: burn resistance is inreased by 70% and when taking damage from fire weapons it will only deal half the damage lvl32



  • Rottenlee Ravenous provided the name of this Uberhero
  • Patagod provided the Peerless Fox Set Skill
  • Kkyurrash can equip the most weapons at once out of all the uberheroes
  • Kkyurrash can have the Strike, Slash, and Stab attack elements all at once