Gaforrja the Godly ​(敬虔なカニ) is a Uberhero. He's not a Dark Hero, but rather a Unique Uberhero, who was formed by another Almighty.


A Unique Uberhero. He dons a stanhelm-like helmet and a crab-like mask. He's also wearing a pauldron and a pair of pincers, making him a unique Dekapon.

When and why he was born is unknown, but they know that he's an Almighty-turned-Uberhero.


The Main Uberhero met him in Paspasir Beach, he thinks that the Uberhero is a Dark Hero and tresspassing his Land of the Crabs, and then they have a fight, but when they were fighting, several Bonedeth have ambushed both of them while they were fighting. They got no choice but to cooperate and fend off the Bonedeth. After they succeeded, he realizes that the Uberhero isn't evil at all (making the Uberhero sweat) and asks for an apology.

He has proclaimed himself as the Commissar of the Pinch, as he is the Commander of the "Exoskeleton Chapter", an Army of Patapons, Zigotons and Karmen who dons some crab weaponry and armour.