Kanji is a butterfly Uberhero Mahopon that strikes in the air using its magic dust and magic. It can destroy an enemy in a very short time.


Get Oohoroc and Pingrek to level 10.


Its weaknesses are:

Arrows: It destroys his wings so he cannot fly.

Set SkillsEdit

Kanji has 3 Set Skill slots, and gain another at level 20. For a total of 4 Set Skill slots.

Magic Dust - (get when it is unlocked)-> Dust become more many and stronger then usual.

Wing Boost - (get when it is level 11)-> Flying time is incereased.

Magic Ba-boom - (get when it is level 23)-> 10% chance of making a giant blast.

Peerless Butterfly - (get when it is level 32)-> Extra damage on undeads. Healing powers are incereased.

Class SkillEdit

Duster: Much dust will be dropped. Learn by droping much dust.

Duster 2: Much more dust will be dropped. Learn by droping much more dust.

Duster 3: Much much more dust will be dropped and some of them will explode. Learn by droping much much more dust.

Mahopon Magic: Magic type attacks become much stronger.