Inzencus is unlocked when Pingrek and Jamsch are level 12.

Inzencus is level 12 when it is unlocked.



With his Longhorn, he creates Sonical Snowflakes which shatter structures! Supports allies by freezing foes.


Inzencus can equip 5 Set Skills.

Inzencus can equip Longhorns and Capes at level 12.

Inzencus can Equip Boomboxes at level 16.


  • PON PON - Creates Snowflakes
  • PON CHAKA - Creates Crawling Sonic Freezing Attack

Uberhero ModeEdit

Winter Doom Edit

Activate - ○ ○ △ △ (PON PON CHAKA CHAKA)

Combo - ○ ○ □ ○ (PON PON PATA PON)

Creates Sonic Blasts which freezes anything on the screen! However, Damage is low.

Class SkillsEdit

  • Hibernation - Increases resistance to sleep. Level by resisting sleep.
  • Sleepy Tone - Increases sleep rate. Level by inducing sleep.
  • Ice Doom - When Killed, freezes anything on the screen. Level by dying repeatedly.
  • Wood Breaker - Increases Damage to wood. Level by destroying wood,
  • Earthen Vibration - Charge attack or Uberhero Mode Inflicts Earthquake. Level by using charge attack.

Set SkillsEdit

  • Shatter Boost 1 - 2x Damage to all Structures.
  • Shatter Boost 2 - 3x Damage to all Structures.
  • +Knockback - Increases Knockback Rate.
  • Sound Attack - 50% percent damage if Attack Element is Sound.
  • Anti-Nature - Burns Grass without Burn Rate or Equipment!
  • Peerless Beaver - Immune to Ice, Sleep, Stagger, Knocback and Tumble but unable to use critical damage during Uberhero Mode.