• Myamsar to lvl 10
  • Taterazay to lvl 10


  • Blades
  • Katanas
  • Armguards


Bushi / 武士 (Warrior)

Rarepon Type



This master of the Iai strike is known for the blinding speed of his sword draws and his unbelievable criticals. He is a new insect rarepon and a member of the new class Bushipon.


  • Swords
  • Sheaths
  • Armguards
  • Helms
  • Blades unlocked at lvl 12
  • Katanas unlocked at lvl 18

Class SkillsEdit

  • Flash Strike 1: One swing of the sword hits the enemy twice.
  • Unlocked at lvl 12
  • Train with repeated attacks
  • Flash Strike 2: Hits the enemy 3 times
  • Flash Strike 3: 4 times
  • Master Samurai: When critical rate reaches 400 all attacks are critical even against critical immunity
  • train with repeated criticals.
  • Welcome bonus: criticals do +50% damage

Set SkillsEdit

  • Sword Attack 1: Attack increased by 30% when equipped with sword blade or katana lvl12
  • Sword Attack 2: 40% lvl 15
  • Sword attack 3: 50% lvl 20
  • Critical Blade: times 2 critical rate when equipped with blade, great blade, or katana
  • Peerless Mantis: times 3 critical rate during hero mode.

Hero ModeEdit

Flash StepEdit

Hero flips backwards and then vanishes appearing about 3 walk commands (maybe 2?) away a few seconds later slicing through any enemy that was between the 2 points the more times you charge the more times he slashes after which it counts them down (so if you charge 4 time the first attack will be 4 slashes the second 3 and so on and as a side note this does work with his class skills)max charges is 6.
Activated with charge attack


  • PonPon: Nothing special walks up to the enemy and attacks
  • PonChaka~PonPon: Basically a smaller and weaker version of Uberhero Mode
  • ChakaChaka: Blocks like Grenburr but with sheaths
  • PonChaka~ChakaChaka: Same as defense, but even better resistance