Electropon is a new kind of Patapon that is incredibly fast but has low health and damage. As you start to level him up you will unlock his Hero Mode called Skill Shot, which makes him stun his enemies and then he retreats.

Set SkillsEdit

  1. Reflex Feet 1 - 20% speed when marching.
  2. Reflex Feet 2 - 40% speed when marching.
  3. Lightning Move 1 - When Electropon is equipped with Lightning gloves he has 20% chance of getting a critical hit.
  4. Lightning Move 2 - Adds 50% damage to every normal glove you have in your armory (it cannot use any critical hits).
  5. Peerless Electro - Total immunity to stagger and burn but 30% less resistance to enemy water/ice attacks.

Class SkillsEdit

Electropon's Class Skills can be really effective:

  1. Aim: When Electropon is using hero mode you can aim more easily on your prey.
  2. Lightning Snatch: When your enemy attacks with lightning weapons you will take 20% less damage.
  3. Electric Wall: (multiplayer only) When getting a 10 hero mode chain you can stun all of your enemies at once by using electric wall.
  4. Dark Electricity: When you die 3 times you will be able to use dark electricity which will allows you to suck and drain every electric weapon on your enemies and disable any firing structure (only lasts if you didn't die the 3rd time)