A warrior that never died before. He lurks everywhere, very fast, like a ninja.

He is unlocked when Yarida and Piekron is leveled up to level 20.


A long, long time ago, he was about to save a princess that is very important, then, his master commands him to find the princess. He hides everywhere at shadow chairs and even under the benches and killing guards everywhere. And then he traitors them and he was replaced with with another ninja and when the final battle comes, they became friends. But his enemy just wants the princess and so, he killed his enemy but the enemy used the princess as a shield. His sword cut through the heart of the princess and his enemy. This enemy got into prison after 68 years in prison, but he was released and from now on he is a serial killer. He can equip 10 set skills at maximum Level.


  • Spears,Helms and Lances from unlocking
  • Shields from Level 23
  • Clubs,Axes,and Swords from Level 28
  • Cannons,Howitzers,and Lasers from Level 32
  • Shurikens,Smokebombs,Kunais,Ghostmakers from Level 40

Abilities and AttacksEdit

  • PON PON:
  • DON DON:

Special MovesEdit

Uberhero ModeEdit

Throws Spears and Lances, protects himself using the shield and throwing the Clubs,Axe,and Swords. He also fires Cannons,Howitzers and lasers. They attack by turn. His Uberhero Mode shout is "SSSHHH DAMN!!!"

Ultimate Hero ModeEdit

Even faster throwing and firing of weapons.

Class SkillsEdit

Shockwave- His spears lance halbers are increased power by 75%.Learned by attacking with a spear or lance.

Hayate-Increases speed by 80%. learned by using the PATA PATA PATA PON reapeatedly.

Dying for Suicide- Attack increases by 95% when health is below 10%.Learning by dying reapeatedly.

Super Ninja-All weapons his using is increased by 75% speed will increased by 99% Attack will increased by 200%.And blunderbuss Attack is Increased by 400%.Learning by using all weapons reapeatedly.

The Finishing Touch-All increases will be doubled and Shuriken power is 90%. Smoke Nomb effects will last up to 15 sec.

Set SkillsEdit

  • Ninja Hide-30% hayate speed will be incresed.Learned at Level.24
  • Armored Warrior-Have a very keen eye sight even a very tiny sound will alert him.Learned at Level 28
  • Bird's Eye View- Eye sight will only be straight and increases. Learned at Level 30.
  • Ninjutsu-When hit it only save 5 times he will use ninjutsu and teleported back in the starting place. Learned at Level.35
  • Super Skill-A super power will be reaveled. Learned at Level.37
  • Peerless Jutsu-All set skill effects are combined and doubled. Learned at Level 40.