Angry Patapons (sometimes referred to as Angry Pons) is a spinoff of Angry Birds starring Patapon characters.
Angry Patapons

Gameplay concept art and logo.


The Zigotons and the Bonedeth have returned! They have stolen the Patapon's precious resources and materials. The Patapons must get these back to survive!


The game itself plays very much like the popular game Angry Birds. There are 7 usable classes:

  • Taterazays are the generic class. They don't have any special features, but they are slightly better at destroying enemies. They also come in a larger variety, which is strong enough to easily destroy stone.
    Angry Pons

    One of the levels of Angry Patapons.

  • Yumiyachas are generally weaker than other classes. They can, however, shoot 3 arrows that inflict light damage on enemies.
  • Rankiris also appear. They launch their boomerang, which can turn around and pierce wood and enemies.
  • Kibaddas are powerhouses. When the button is pressed, they charge forward, piercing enemies and structures alike.
  • Pyokoriders split into 3 doppelgangers.
  • Yaridas are not meant to hit their enemies directly. Instead, they shoot an explosive spear straight down.
  • Tondengas multiply its size 3 times 3 seconds after clashing with the ground.
  • Myamsars are kamikazes. When they hit something, they explode in a Poison Bomb, which is suprisingly good against stone and enemies.
  • Grenburrs smash everything, causing earthquakes when it hits the ground.
    Angry pons psp

    Angry Pons "mini" on PSVita.

New FeaturesEdit

Angry patapons

Gameplay of Angry Patapons beta version.

The weapons each Patapon uses can be changed and upgraded at the Blacksmith in exchange for the resources you collect. For example, a Yarida with a Flame Spear would be better at destroying wood.